Angry time till the end

Dear Diary,

Well, today was a ballache…  I’m not one for moaning and get fed up but unfortunately today that’s what’s happening.

I woke up and went immediately on my laptop to start again my freelance translating bidding for the week and trying to find any other jobs around Nottingham. The day went by very quickly but after so many weeks of bidding on projects, all I managed to get are scammers on freelance.com. People who want you to create an account on upwork.com with your own information and then give them the account… So you end up putting all your personal information, date of birth, email, address, security question etc etc and then freely give all that personal information in the form of an account on upwork to a complete stranger.

Internet Theft

So today I had enough. I haven’t stopped bidding, posting my services, replying to emails that never get answered, waiting for someone to contact me to see if I can enter into a writing career too…. and nothing. No news, No positivity. Nothing.  I am so down and upset today, I just wanted to sit on the sofa and eat tubs of ice cream, and I could do unforeseen things for an icing and marzipan strawberry sponge cake!!!

Don’t mind if I do!

After all the biddings and emails I realised it was 4pm! The day went flying so quickly that I got even more annoyed as I didn’t manage to do any ME time. But, I turned off the laptop and got the pasta bake sorted before Dave gets back from work.

Here is where things get somewhat interesting, I walked outside and I saw a brick on the grass. A big ass brick, it looked identical to the ones that are falling from the broken wall that needs to be fixed. Has someone picked one of the loose bricks and thrown in over the fence and on the garden?!! Why are the neighbours down the road hiding? Who the hell did this!? I will kill them! What if the brick fell on my cat?! HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!!

(At this point I was so angry and pissed off, Dave got in and he could see the fire in my eyes. You know a man knows you well when he keeps his distance in the correct moments)

Containing my anger, splashing the pasta bake on the plate, “HERE!” giving the plate to Dave. He understands where my frustration is coming from with the brick but he doesn’t understand the annoying part of the freelancing search finding. His reply is a simple one: “There’s a lot of people out there with your exact skills, you need to stand out more”. He’s not wrong… Still frustrating!

I ended up calming down a bit after eating and talking with Dave, then, the whole anger disappeared when Dave decided to go to the toilet and I was downstairs on my phone.

I received a text saying: “Hi, I dropped a sample brick off in your garden today. Hope you approve?”. HAHA It was the builder that’s coming to sort out the broken wall! HE left that brick there. It wasn’t some horrible person trying to make a point that the wall needs fixing!  (I think living so many years in an area where people graffiti your wall, break in your house, leave their rubbish bags in front of your garage and allow their dogs to leave their … business… in front of your front door as made me think that the act of that brick was malicious).  I couldn’t stop laughing though, the thought that I had of going to the neighbours and asking them if they threw a brick over the fence, get my Sicilian accent out, hahahaha I’m so happy he sent me the text!


Although today has been frustrating and got me fed up with all the job searching, I have decided that tomorrow I will be sorting out a few antiques that I have to sell on eBay and take some ME time.  Unless I get one of two messages:

“YOU HAVE WON THE EUROMILLION! You have won 15Million!”


“We would like you to work for us as our long-term translator. How’s £0.04p per word sound?”

Or BOTH!! hahaha

I can dream… Oh well, let’s see how tomorrow goes.

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Bao and a good walk

Dear diary,

Yesterday we went to see The Incredibles 2! Finally! Back in 2004 I remember going to the cinema in Figueras (Spain) to watch The Incredibles and since then I’ve been waiting for the follow-up, and here it is!

Before I explain about the film, have you seen it? have you seen the short film before it? Now that short film was dark! For adults it was ok but that short video made most of the kids in the cinema cry scared.  (spoiler alert) The short film is called Bao and it’s about a dumpling that awakens, screaming like a baby just before an older Chinese woman is about to eat it. From there, the meat-filled creature becomes her surrogate child. It ages and gets moody — like most teenagers. When this dumpling is about to leave home, with an engaged girlfriend, the mother gets frustrated and swallows it whole. *SHOCK* I know right?! At that point at least 6 kids ran to their mothers’ arms crying! In the end, it shows that all of the above is a metaphor for an overprotective mother, as her real son (human) appears apologising for walking out.  But, wow! Most Pixar short films do have that darkness in them, this one went full on. NOM!


After that shocking but still very well done short film, the main event! THE INCREDIBLES II!! And Pixar has done it again, made a film where no matter your age you will laugh, cringe, smile and put you on the edge of the seat. The whole film was a must and it didn’t disappoint like most number 2 in animation history.  There was one thing that disappointed me,  the drink and popcorn!  Do you eat while at the cinema watching a film? I find that, if I don’t, I end up bitting my nails. So a nice bag of popcorn and a drink is always nice. But this time, at Cineworld Nottingham, I was disappointed with the old popcorn and the non fizzy or cold drink.

After enjoying that nice film, we ended up having a nice walk and bizarrely in the big city of Nottingham, we bumped into a couple who we haven’t seen in two years! TWO YEARS! We first met Pokemon Hunting when Pokemon Go was first released, since then we met a few times but, as soon as they moved to Nottingham, we lost touch and then there they were! Was lovely to see them again, chatting and definitely meeting up at some point.

We ended our day walking under the sun and heat of 3pm, getting a nice tan may I add, and reaching an area close to home where we can play tennis! Finally something nearby that I can enjoy doing, although it’s been 18 years since I last played so I hope it’s like riding a bike hehe.

After an hour and a half walk from the cinema, we reached home and passed out for a nice siesta on the sofa.  From there the day disappeared so quickly, by the time we finished eating and watched a couple of episodes of Jonathan Creek it was time for bed and the dreaded time where you know Monday work-day has approached too soon.

Now to look forward to Translation bidding, Networking and finding out if I can start doing a specific job. Keep fingers crossed for me!


The good news, the bad news and baked beans

Dear diary,

I have some great news!!! The flu has gone!!!! disappeared! No more! whahahahahahaha! (evil laugh – I kicked it right in the “Family jewls”)  So happy!  I managed to sleep a full nice night sleep!

After that good news, I stayed in bed until 10ish! 10! I normally get up by 5.30 – 6 am, my body telling me that I have to get up and look for work, clean the house and make sure there’s some food for when Dave gets back home. But not today! OH NO! today, it’s Lazy day! After getting up, rushing to the toilet (when the routine is is up at 6am the body goes in panic mode lol), and then a better moment, sat down on the sofa and watched a tv series without being disturbed. HEAVEN!

Now to tell you the nice snack I quickly made, best quick and simple snack anyone can do. Have you ever heard of Quesadillas? Two corn tortillas and cheese in between, but the best part, everything is tosted, fried and melted.  YUMMY AND NAUGHTY!

After that, after a bit more of relaxation, Dave and I decided to have a look at a old MMO game. We are quite geeky and we enjoy our games, pc on, game downloaded, snacks ready and Boom! PC dies. That’s the bad news, I need a new pc…  Another big expense to go out that we didn’t need. We are already having to pay loads for sorting out a breaking wall, last thing we need is more to pay, specially when I’m on the look for some translation work.

Oh, did I tell you about this? I can’t remember if I did. Last month a friend and work collegue and I were told that the company we were translating for couldn’t afford to pay us anymore. So we had to leave that same day. Since then, I opened my own company and I am trying desperatly to bid and get any translating jobs as a freelancer. But, expremely annoying, nothing has come up except a quick €40.  And that’s were I am at the moment.

Now, I know what you are thinking in that title, baked beans? (topic changer) what? WELL! guess what, I made some nice toast with bbq baked beans with cheese for our evening meal while watching Jonathan Creek ( a tv series that I haven’t had the pleasure of watching until now!)

And here we have it, the day is ending, it’s 10pm and I want to watch at least 10 more episodes of Jonathan Creek hehe

Tomorrow might be a day with a bit more of outside the house day.

PC, computer,
My good old PC dying, after nearly 7 years it’s finally at the end of its life

Flu go away!

Dear Diary,

ACHOOO! … The flu… The flu in summer. Why!?  WHYYYYYYYY?!

I can see the sunshine outside, the heat coming through the windows and I’m here drinking Lemsip and surrounded by tissues.  The only good thing about being ill is knowing that Dave looks after me when he gets back home, oh no wait… he laughs and says “That’s how I was two weeks ago!!” (I have 6 hours before that happens).

This past couple of days have been quite boring, nothing to write about really. We managed to get a gardener on Monday to clear the garden, And finally! FINALLY!! we found someone who can fix the wall without costing a fortune!  Seven people, I have contacted 7 people and they all wanted to charge over £7.5k! WHAT?! But finally, found a nice bricklayer who can do it at the price that it should be. Hopefully, I hear from him today and get that wall fixed asap, or at least before it falls on an old lady and we end up having to pay more than 7.5k on medical and psychological bills.

Apart from all that, all I want to do is sit on my comfy sofa, eat lots of junk food (Which I don’t have!) and watch random anime or Disney films. Ignoring the red nose, coughing and aching that I’m feeling right now.

At least I have random cats running around my back garden and I can see them chasing each other. More entertainment.

Hopefully, when I get better I can adventure into the new world of Nottingham and write about something more captivating.

Wish me luck on getting rid of this flu.


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Slighty Disapointed

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a slightly disappointing day, maybe the reason why I didn’t write it down last night.

The morning started like any other weekend, getting up at the time we wake up (body clock thinks it’s working time so 6am), got ready, sorted out my cats’ food and drink and then off into town. Walking down Dave (The man of the house) nearly stood on a baby bird! we were both in shock as we didn’t even see it there. By baby bird, it could fly a little bit so I’m assuming it tried flying off the nest but fell to the ground, being next to a busy road and on the path where its colours are identical to the ground; we decided to take it to the other side of the wall away from the humans and cars. As soon as I got close to a specific tree, it flew towards it. Must have been the one he/she fell from. That was a good deed of the morning hehe

We took the tram into the city centre and from there we walked around, taking a few pictures (the robin picture below) and stopping at Costa Caffe as I made Dave addicted to the Frostino Strawberry (Picture below but it did not look as good as that lol), he was quite disappointed that the 3 Network didn’t offer the “free” costa drink this week, but we still went and got it.

After a nice walk around, got to 12 and we needed some food. And here is where my disappointment started. We went to Sushimania, a chain restaurant new in Nottingham, and me being a big fan of oriental food I thought it would be very nice to go and give it a go. I’ve been wanting to go for over a month now! We walked in, went upstairs and was greeted by a waiter and we sat down. The first impression was good, until a minute later, the waiter asked us if we are new to the place, of course, we said yes. He asked us if we wanted to bottomless deal (all you can eat) or menu, we selected the bottomless deal, from there all he said was: Select what you want from this piece of paper and then call me when you are ready.  Well, sounds pretty easy, should we order drinks now or……. never mind the waiter walked away.

We selected what we wanted, max 6 dishes at a time, all you do is write how many of each dish you want and then give it to the waiter…. and here it’s where everything started. All the waiters were nowhere to be seen for over 20 minutes and the one that appeared kept looking down on purpose so he wouldn’t see the people raising their hands trying to order.  We still haven’t got any drinks. Over 45 minutes passed and we still no drinks order or our food order. As soon as this one guy looked up, he saw that not only I had my hand up but at least 4 other people did, he came to get our paper and I asked if we could also order our drinks as nobody took that order in the first place.  Around 15 minutes later the food started to arrive, I must say, the food was DELICIOUS!, definitely my kind of thing, not so much Daves lol. Another 10 minutes passed and still no drinks, the other dishes arrived (picture below). Then a nice female waiter appeared and I asked if it was possible to have our drinks as we were still waiting for them. She did provide us with the service we needed from the start! I must say, the service was horrendous and I would not recommend going into this restaurant ever. If anything, if you want to try it, order it online to take away.  When we asked the bill they were quite quick,  they do ask for 10% service charge ( for not giving you any service at all) so our bill ended up being £43.  If you do takeaway, it will cost you a minimum £20 and you still have lots to choose from.  For a place that I was looking forward, I was very very very very disappointed.

So here you have it, the reason why I didn’t write yesterday. We got back home and just moaned about the price for the quality and service. Then stuffed our faces with chocolate and sweets, had a nap, and watched lots of anime.  At least the evening was nice.

Well, Diary, now it’s the next day and I’m ill. Karma eh!? Let us hope the pizzas for today taste good.


Great Friend, Thank you for coming!

Dear Diary,

I’m sorry again! I know, what kind of writer am I? not following the rules of a Diary!  Yesterday wasn’t a day to write much, I was supposed to go to Derby and do an interpreting job but was cancelled at last minute so I stayed home, cleaned the house, sorted the laundry and then prepared Corned Beef Potato Hash, the man craved it and I’m competing to see if I can make it as nice as my future mother in law.  HAHA

Today was a completely different day.  Today I went back to Lincoln to meet up with the amazing women Katie and her mum! On Monday we connected so well that the small amount of time spent together was too short. I came home feeling sad that I didn’t spend more time with them all, it felt as if a member of my family was leaving and I wouldn’t be able to give them a proper goodbye. So, it had to be done. Got on the train and arranged to meet up in Lincoln for one last time while they were still here.

I arrived in Lincoln and a few minutes later they met up with me at the train station, from there we went to the high street.  There I bumped into an old friend, who decided to run and jump on me with a huge squeeze hug hehe!

From there I showed them a few places, the main one High Bridge, the only remaining building built in 1955 which is standing on a Roman bridge built  (some photos below).

After that, we went to the Brayford where we embarked on the Brayford Belle, a very nice boat with an extremely friendly and patient crew. Taking us up and down the Roman canal, it was sooooooooooo relaxing with a nice breeze in this very hot day.

Our day was ending so quickly! As soon as the boat trip ended we quickly went for a bite to eat, not the greatest of foods really, I was very disappointed. But it was nice to be able to meet up with another friend of ours. Fred joined us for a bit while at the pub eating, unfortunately, she was there only for that last short time until we had to walk back to the bus station.

After saying goodbye to Fred we headed to the bus station where very sad, I had to give the biggest hug to, who I now consider, my sister from another mother. But, this time, I was so happy that I did end up coming over to see them again, I was happy that I managed to say a proper goodbye. A goodbye that bonded us even more.

Thank you for becoming a very good friend Katie, I will not forget the time we spent together. We will meet again, maybe here in the UK, or on a nice holiday in Sicily 😉 or maybe if I ever go to the USA we might meet there!

Diary, today is going down as one of my favourite days.



Say what?!

*Warning some female doctors content*

Dear diary,

So today was fun, not. I’m currently writing while on the bed, nice and early ready for something that is now not going to happen. But about that later…

You know when you have to do something on a specific day and your body, mind and soul really really reeeeeaaaallly don’t want to? That point where one foot will say “come on body we can do this” and the rest of the body follows that foot out of the bed, but then the whole body collapses to the ground? Well that was me this morning.

As most women know, when we get to a certain age we have to go for checks, same as guys (although most guys don’t do it, Naughty! Go and Check!). I had a check last year and unfortunately they found malicious cancerous cells, although that’s what the letter said, the doctor said: “it’s very strange, you have malicious cancerous cells but they are not the usual ones”. THANKS DOC! way to make things smoother!!!

Anyway, went through the painful operation to take them “unusual malicious cancerous cells” away and six months after, today, back for another check. Your whole body knows how painful it was the first time, but you are forcing it to go through the same pain. The only good thing was showing off how young everything looks when the nurse is a 60 year old woman. HAHA! …damn… Now I know why she shoved it so high I felt my intestines panic… That jealous bish.

Going back to, not wanting to do that thing and the body and mind not working because of it. By the time I got back from the doctors (20 minutes walk each way) I collapsed on the sofa and for the life of me I cannot remember how I fell asleep. I was holding a biscuit in one hand and the bottle of cold cordial drink on the other. Woke up with the “man of the house” opening the door. And the thing that woke me up wasn’t him making enough noise to start the car alarm, nope, it was my snoring. I was snoring! I must of been snoring soooo loud I did a final “oink” that woke me up just in time before he walked in. Saved by the snore!!

Now for the part that I was telling you about, the getting to bed early and getting ready for nothing. Well, it’s been a week since I was made redundant, for me it was a door closing and one opening. I created my own business (CA Languages Ltd) – just putting that out there, im proud of my baby- and started my freelancing translation career. Today, at 5pm, I got a call from a recruiter. “We need an Italian interpreter urgently, can you do it? Tomorrow 9am to 3pm in Derby. We will pay your taxi and your hourly rate.” SHOCK! PANIC! EXCITEMENT! SICK…. Finally, took a week but I’m getting somewhere. I felt, like a celebrity, not having to pay for taxi (I’m used to walking or taking the train to places lol) and getting paid for what I love! Quick, shower, shave!! I need to shave! Omg, it’s summer and I look like an orangutan! Why do I have grey hairs?! Where did that black hair come from on my chin!? How have I fallen this low?!

20 minutes and bling! Sorted. Suit sorted for tomorrow, body looking wobbly but meh can’t so anything about it , earnings sorted… think I’m ready. Bed time and tomorrow is the day! The day I make a name for myself in this company and they will want to hire me again and again. I CAN DO THIS!

Start to see the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz until I hear *buzz*. Phone went off, email, “sorry we don’t need an interpreter anymore. We mixed up our arrangements.” Say what?! I just spent 20 minutes shaving and tweezing chin hair! I could of used that time eating! (Not that I need it, I wouldn’t waste away for months. I am the perfect source of meat of we need to become cannibals).

See diary, there’s no day that goes buy which doesn’t have something exciting in it. Now I’m off to sleep, see you tomorrow!

Every time someone stops in the middle. Light went green for us pedestrians