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Yes I am still alive

Dear Diary, HA! Did you really think I forgot about you?! Think again! I've had you in my mind for ages but I just couldn't make my way to a computer and start typing random things like "What I have been up to" and "what weight am I on" and "What's been going on with… Continue reading Yes I am still alive

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Dear diary, It's me again, and yes today I will be talking about a weight loss challenge. It's April, going into May and every one of us just wants to get into that bikini... some of us we know we won't get into the sexy bikini but at least that we can walk to the… Continue reading Challenge!

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H10 Ocean Dunas 4* Review

I want to take this opportunity to write a review of the hotel we stayed in Corralejo, Canarias islands. When you travel to a brand new place where you have no idea what the area provides, the main thing in someones' mind is being able to find a relaxing place to sleep in. A place… Continue reading H10 Ocean Dunas 4* Review