Is it sleep time yet?

Dear Diary,

What a day!

I’ve decided to cut down on sugar and do some exercise, today it’s my third day running in the morning. I got to 10 minutes, I’m so unfit! But at least I’ve started? Isn’t that good enough?

A few things happened this morning, some heart attack moments and some quite sweet.

After having a nice cold shower, I decided to call the doctors to get a dreaded appointment sorted when all of a sudden I hear Mishi (my cat) rush through the kitchen window, it sounded like she was going to take the blinds with her! I rushed to see what happened when, as soon as I got to the front door area, someone knocked on the door.

Imagine the scene, I’m there waiting for someone to answer the phone while having a heart attack wondering what the hell just happened with my cat and then a knock on the door! PANIC!

But, as soon as I opened the door, things got a lot more interesting.  A man, the type of man that you would say: “please come in” in the sexiest voice ever, a man that looked like he could be in a movie, tall, handsome, amazing smile, bright eyes… and then I go and mess it up by acting all crazy shouting: “OMG Hi! Sorry! Hi! One second!” (hanging up the phone where I can hear someone on the other side saying hello)  waving my arms in the air like an Italian on speed.  Let’s just say… I mess it up big time!

This man was there to help me out with an external wall, with all his charms I forgot to ask him how much the work will cost. I wonder if he would accept a different kind of payment?  No no no… oh god what am I thinking!? shouldn’t be thinking that!

Anyway, after all the excitement and blood pumping to all areas of my body, I decided to go for a walk.  Weather is amazing, nearly 30C and sunny. I wanted to explore the area as I’m new around here. After walking for ten minutes I found myself in a rural neighborhood with people outside their houses, kids playing around and old folk talking about their gardens.  Every single person who I ended up making eye contact wished me a good day! Where have I been teleported to? is this still earth? How have I never experience such kindness? Let’s just say, these lovely people made my day.

Now I’m back home, writing this up and all I can think of is, I wonder if I scared that guy from this morning?

Well diary, I better do some house chores and do some food shopping.  oh! I’m also beating the hell out of Words with Friends vs my friend Juicy Frutty (lol). It’s so funny! I will keep you updated with how many games I win hehe

I will see you tomorrow

This is what I thought I was going to find. Good thing my cat knows not to mess with the house lol

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