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And the results are in!

Dear diary,

Today is the dreaded day, the day I find out if I’ve lost more weight! The day the scales come out, the day that I try to step on those scales as if they were made of lava, the day I had nightmares about for the past week.



A bit of a background story to recap a bit.

On the 23rd of July, I just had enough of how I looked. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror and in pictures ( Except on selfies, we all know how to angle it just right to make us look gorgeous).

When I first arrived in the UK I was a size 10-12 (UK size) and weighing around 55 – 56 Kilos … 11 years later I ended up in a size 18 (again UK size) and weighing around 99 – 98 Kilos. Here’s a picture of how I was back in 2007 and a picture of me in June 2018.

(The first picture was in 2007 trying a dress for London (size 10-12 and I looked fucking hot!!!) the picture is blurry because I was using my ex-mother in laws second-hand phone that she gave me, a Motorola Razr with an amazing 4x zoom lol! The second picture is of when I met a great woman – on the left-, who is now a great friend across the big pond.  At that point, I was a size 18 and at 98Kg)

So I started my journey of changing my lifestyle. I used to eat loads! At work I would have breakfast, then I would snack on biscuits and imperial mints, then midday I would have a sandwich with crips and fizzy drinks, by the time I got home I would be sat on the sofa munching on crisps, chocolate and other junk food.  My fiance and I we would go to the shop with a backpack and buy junk food, spending £30 or more just on junk. OH! And on weekends we would have a nice roast meal and then eat junk food in the evening. IT WAS A DISASTER! Most of the time it was stress eating, eating so much without feeling full.

Here’s a representation of some of my food days:

The first picture is a dessert (a big slice of chocolate fudge cake), the second picture is my famous Peanut butter cookie dough slices (Peanut Sugar Explosion!) and the third picture is a roast meal (The sprouts and the decoration behind it shows it’s a Christmas roast). 

Now you know the backstory, and now for the NEWS!

From the 23rd of July until the 13th of August (3 weeks) I went from 98Kg to 92 Kg! I lose 6 Kg but also added some muscle from the running. Blog talking about that here.

From the 13th of August to the 3rd of September (3 weeks) I managed to go from 92Kg to 85KG!!!!!

85 KILOS!!!!!!!



I’m so happy!!!

And very shocked and surprised! On my previous post Not Fast Enough! I was complaining how I didn’t see much of a change and how I felt as if I wouldn’t have reached my goal.

BUT I DID!!!!! 

However, the journey doesn’t stop here.

My aim is to reach size 12, no matter the weight. I’m currently a size 16, which means the next step is getting smoothly into a size 14.



11 thoughts on “And the results are in!

      1. I know the feeling! I was so upset when I was struggling to fit in my size 18 jeans and all my t-shirts were too tight. I had just a couple of XL t-shirts and stech pants… so disapointing. I’m cheering you up! You can do it ❤ Let's get comfy in our own clothes!

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